Users of Instagram are very much aware that Instagram lacks a web portal. Which means that Instagram can only be used as a particular application by downloading it on their smart phones. The whole application is designed in such a way that you cannot basically open any other URL or application from there. This is where the advertisements of companies fail in an epic way. You cannot open any other URL by clicking on it while using the Instagram location. People using Instagram are also familiar that they cannot save a particular picture or video from Instagram as well. This is why Instagram is a very popular social networking app with the kind of security that it offers. The spam companies do not really understand that it is really useless to fill up comments of the posts by these URLs. There is no point because if a user shall click on that URL that will not reach anywhere. They will be there on that particular comment only.

They cannot even copy a particular comment so that you can open the URL later. Therefore it is not a good idea by popular SEO companies to populate the comments of this application by various advertisement URLs. Another trend that has been doing the rounds lately is buy likes on instagram. You can now by likes for your Instagram posts by various websites on the internet. There are various websites that sell you likes and followers on Instagram. You can buy likes and followers to populate your page and make it popular. The more number of likes your post get, the more popular you are. The more number of followers your page will have the more like and comments you will get on the various pictures and videos that you post.