Among all dubious things that Internet offers, there is paid or free tarot card reading online.

Tarot cards come in numerous outlooks. Drawing a small number out of a deck while concentrating on a question is said to tell something about a person’s past, present or future. Advice can be sought in the cards for present and future.

Tarot can be bought although some people say it will not work in this case and there are also some beliefs about how they should be stored to keep the power. With physical cards, you draw some of them out with your hand and spread it on a desk while in Internet, you click a card or, in some cases, a button that chooses it. This is especially hard to believe because you cannot use your instinct, unlike when choosing cards.

Different cultures have influenced tarot; as a result, we can notice in them Egyptian hieroglyphs, Torah, clothes from different parts of the world, runs and other symbols.

Pictures on the cards are rich and details on them are important. For example, the Card Eight of Swords symbolizes oppression and slavery, shown by a tied person among swords; but if you look closer, you see she could escape. The hidden message of this card is that you can resist even if others try to take you freedom away. This is something we could agree with, at least partially, even if we do not believe that which cards we draw is more than serendipity. There is also The Empress that indicates power should be connected to gentleness and love. So there is something prudent about the cards.

Before people started using the cards this way, they were just a game. Even then, some were afraid of certain pictures and a priest said that Devil will take the players’ souls. This was probably just his way of warning against addiction and financial ruin that gambling can bring and it is similar with excessive use of cards for fortune-telling.